License garnish
S95Sedan on 06-02-2011
Been liking the USDM look of civics for a while now and this week i found some garnish on the local junkyard which happened to be in pretty good shape aswell.

Thought i micht as well install it on my EDM civic to give it more of a clean look. With as result below.

Car detailing
S95Sedan on 26-10-2010
Been a while since i gave the car a decent polish so decided to try out my new buffer. Overall i'm quite pleased with the result.

Some small things
S95Sedan on 17-03-2010
After gotten back from doing some minor things to the engine i decided to give the car a wash and replace tho taillights while i was at it anyway.

I'm not entirely happy with how they look but do think they look much better as those old aftermarket ones i had on before.

Let it snow....
S95Sedan on 22-12-2009
So it decided to snow yesterday and the couple of days before.... not just a few flakes but a massive amount of #@$% for out little country. So i decided to shoot some pictures since we don't have snow here very often.

Car being totally covered before i even started removing all the damn snow....(yeah there is a civic under there)

Much better already :thumbup:

Photoshoot -
S95Sedan on 21-11-2009
So Friday the 20th of november i went on my way to 'Dordrecht' for some pictures for What went in front of it all suprised me a bit really...

All started with a topic on that they were looking for a couple of civics about a JDM Special for their online website. Since i do have a couple of things quite unique for our country i decided to just say i would gladly come around to have so pictures taken. (if they would be interested) I didn't expect alot from it in the first place, since from the outside my car is not that spectacular though they would gladly take some since they wanted to capture that JDM 'look' as said before.

Day itself was quite a long trip but definately worth it. (as seen on all the pictures troughout this page) Couple of moment where i would expect it to be pouring with rain but when i arrived at location there wasn't even a single drop. (Day before and about ten minutes after i left 'Dordrecht' it basically started pouring with rain) Location was a docking station for cargo trucks, they had a break and no trucks coming in for a bit so we could use it freely to take the pictures we wanted.

All in all quite happy with the results and mad props to the guys from for the beautiful pictures taken. Though this is just a teaser for now so more to come soon.

Photoshoot - ReLXe
S95Sedan on 16-10-2009
Some pictures i shot during a meet at the 'Foodstrip' with a fellow ferio driver, photos could be a bit better if i had a better camera but overall i think they will do.

Photoshoot - Jackson
S95Sedan on 13-05-2009
Couple of pictures i still had lying around and hadn't edited yet. Taken by the docks near my house together with a mate and his Renault 5 GT-Turbo.

Some more pictures:

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